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2014 Monthly Calendar

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Roger Chartier: -

Some like to have a calendar that they can use on a daily basis that has room to write in for the dates and things to do.

This one is a happy medium as each monthly page is 8 x 11 1/2" and has rather large boxes for each day.

That is my opinion but for your own opinion look at the 2014 calendar itself.

Other than the cover page the pages are rather basic with room for your own writing or reading.

It's a neat file

It is a neat file that you can print on your home or office printer and has 12 monthly pages and a cover page.

Here below us are the dates mentioned inside on the calendar pages for holidays with some fun ones in there, as well.

Be nice to people...

A nice thing would be to send a link to this calendar to your friends.

This will let them have a free calendar as well! Here are the 2012 and 2013 calendars.